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About Sports-Gazer

Sports-Gazer is an application for ranking and rating sports teams. It also can project scores for upcoming games.

Certain parts of this application are derived from works published by Wesley N. Colley (see here), and Dr. Kenneth Massey (see here). Special thanks go to Paul Kislanko for all his help. Scores are retrieved from ESPN, and Vegas lines are from

In addition, the website itself would not have been possible without the work of others.
The simple grids are derived from work by Ali Bastani.
The complex grids are built using the jqGrid tool, and use the C# Dynamic Query Library from Microsoft.
Error logging is accomplished through use of the ELMAH library.
Print to PDF functionality uses iTextSharp.
I use the Html Agility Pack for retrieving data from the web.
Twitter integration is via the TweetSharp project.
Other parts of the UI use code from the open source MVC Controls Toolkit and MVC CheckBoxList by Mikhail Tsennykh.
The jQuery and jQuery UI packages are used extensively, as is the KnockoutJS package.